All together now!

All together now!

So far, the summer’s been all about the beautiful game. The weather’s been great, the beer’s been cheap (it always is when the situation is right) and we’ve been treated with a thriller after thriller of best international football around. 24 national teams striking against each other to win the coveted title of European Champions.

Even with added uncertainty brought in by the pandemic and the Platini brain fart of playing the games in multiple countries, the tension’s been high and we’ve created memories to last a lifetime. Who could forget the classic England vs. Germany game from the round of 16? Switzerland vs. France and the upset of the decade? Czech Republic’s Patrick Schick’s banger of a goal against Scotland? Hungary clinging to the ticket to advance until the last 15 minutes of play in the group of death? Modric curling it in in with the outside of his foot? Viktor Claesson’s dramatic last-minute goal against Poland? The Eriksen incident (get well soon, Christian)? Finland winning a game? Ukraine’s last-kick-of-the-game goal to oust Sweden? Damn! Memorable moments! All these and so many more!

And now, we’ve reached the point in which only four nations are left in the competition and they all are heading to Wembley to see who'll become the champion. This week Spain, Italy, England and Denmark will battle it out in front of millions of viewers and decide whether the winning shout of the summer will forever remain forza Italia, vamos la Roja, kom så Danmark or will we finally see it’s coming home changing from a laughable meme into a battle cry to unite a nation. The stakes could not be higher.

The football itself is a serious matter and winning or losing a game, especially at this stage in the competition, makes all the difference in the world, but what’s usually less serious are the official songs the nations have crafted to spur their modern day gladiators on the quest for glory. Over the years we’ve been treated with legitimate classics like England’s efforts with New Order (World In Motion, Italy 90), but somehow the music composed to the tournaments very often fails to stir the heartstrings of wider audiences. At least England has a rich and colorful history of official anthems that… well, more often than not, make you cringe. And no wonder. The English have very often left the songwriting and singing for undeniable hasbeens, second class comedians or even the players themselves. Not necessarily the wisest of ideas.

So, what if we left the football and sports aside and left the music to decide the winner? Who has the best official Euro2020 campaign song? This year, Italy and Spain have seemingly not bothered to even try, and wise decision it might be. Denmark and England have, however, released their official anthems as per usual. So, the hot question is, out of Wednesday’s opponents, who has an upper hand? Judge it yourself, dear reader. Here they are:

Alphabeat – Danmarks Dynamite

Krept & Konan – Olé (We Are England)

Whether you’re into England’s modern rap sound or Denmark’s more classical schlager-influenced approach, be sure to enjoy these last games of the tournament. Preferably with an ice-cold beverage and sporting something suitable from the Terrace webstore.