K2rm Graphic Long-Sleeve T-Shirt White

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Featuring a print of K2, the second highest mountain in the world, the 100% cotton K2RM Graphic Long-Sleeve T-Shirt pays homage to the summits that inspire us at The North Face.

This piece of clothing fits as expected.

We think the story behind the Black Label alone is interesting. Back in 1987, the athletes team including director of Equipment Sally Mccoy wore Mountain Jackets and Denali Jackets on the Snowbird Expedition to Everest. This expedition had a lot of media coverage for the time but they realized that taking pictures the front logo placement was useless climbing up mountains. The members decided to add The North Face logo patches on the arms to make sure they would be visible on side shots in addition to back shots. The arm logo positioning became iconic for all expedition jackets. The Distribution of the TNF Black Box Collection is very limited and we are proud to earned the chance.

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