The Terrace Chunky Knit Hat Off-White/Black

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Made in Italy

100% wool

This piece of clothing fits as expected.

Jeremy Hackett had as a young man no staggering academic plans. When he was 17, he dropped out of school in Clifton, a suburb of Bristol, to start working full-time at the local herrekiperingen in the same city. Within just a year, he left the Clifton for London, where he, after working for a while on the reputed fashion street Kings Road finally got a place at a tailor on Savile Row.

At the same time, he started a side business where he bought and sold second-hand clothes, an activity that her friend Ashley Lloyd-Jennings later jumped on. In 1983, a few years later, the two open a shop together for its purpose, and two years later you start to make your own clothes. This was the prelude to Hackett, the clothing brand that has become synonymous with British preppy, and for many Englishmen have Hackett replaced Burberry's status as the base of a British wardrobe. Think tweed, polo shirts and cutawaykragar - and add that the brand belongs to the English royal children's favorite brands.

Jeremy Hackett is regarded as an authority on men's fashion, and has written the book Mr. Classic, a bible for all dandys worldwide.

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